Found in the attic

Found a ‘meet the expert‘  interview page with me talkng about Java.  Strangly I have no recollection of ever doing this.  Pretty bland statements so maybe thats why I can remember the interview!

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Devoxx UK 2017

Ah Devoxx.  This year it was bigger than ever.  Taking over the main hall for the exhibitors and using the old space for talks was inspired.  Loved it.

IBM hosted another Mad Scientist zone which, in my opinion,  was by far the best stand there.  We had  a dozen or so IBMers presenting their wares.  Some were full on commercial (but still totally awesome ) while others were completely wacky and existed simply ‘because’.

I brought my autonomous PiShark  (Thats an Air Swimmer run by a raspberry pi w) but had to have it tethered and strapped down for health and safety reasons. Apparently it was classed as an AirShip!

My colleague Laura Cowen blogged about her exhibit too

As well as being a Mad Scientist I also got to talk about Java.  Or in this case  Java Vulnerabilities.   The video for the talk is here  while the deck is here   This talk is a follow-on to my talks about Cybercrime.  Although I wont ever detail an actual vulnerability this talk has examples of the sort of code that ends up being exploited.




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Progscon 2017

A refreshing 1 day conference in London at SkillsMatter

I talked about Cybercrime  (slides here )  Sometimes after doing this talk I feel a little guilty in not being able to give people a “just do this” solution. However, the situation right now is going to get a lot worse  and  the sooner we (as developers) understand our responsibilities the quicker “worse” turns into “better”

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Jax Devops London 2017

I gave a talk at Jax DevOps in London yesterday.

The talk was entitled “Succeeding in the Cloud – the guidebook of Fail”  Slides are here    The talk originated in a conversation with Daniel Bryant  at a previous conference.  Daniel and I have done a few talks together around DevOps or Docker and it seemed the time to start to build the checklist of ‘things to do and not do’  So  this talk was the first go at building that list.  I don’t normally do checklist style talks as you can end up just reading the slides to your audience (boring)

I got reasonable feedback from attendees but I do wonder if its worth pursing. asis Ways to fail (and succeed)  in deploying to the cloud is a big topic and it might be worth taking one or two of the lists and focusing on them individually

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Internet of Things North America

Spent an interesting couple of days at Internet of Things North America in Chicago.  I did a cut down version of the Skynet talk.  Slides are here   Made a few good contacts and learn a lot more about IoT from the inside.  Key topics across the conference were AI and  IoT security (not necessarily connected )



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Devoxx US March 2017

I can’t praise this conference enough for having one of the largest group of amazing speakers I’ve seen in a long, long time.  The technical content was high, the audience  not so much. Only 700 ish attendees.  That’s still pretty good for a first time conference but I was still surprised.  I was expecting more like 2000.  The net effect was that the ratio of speakers to attendees meant that most talks had small numbers of people listening.  It was more unusual than disruptive since the key element – the recording of the talks – is not affected by numbers 🙂

I did two talks .  One with Stuart Marks of Oracle called TEN SIMPLE RULES FOR WRITING GREAT TESTCASES  for which the slides are here   This talk was fun to present and fun to create. Probably had more fun talking to Stuart about the content to be honest.  We even talked about just recording our zoom sessions and playing them 🙂

Second talk was a BOF THE RISE OF THE MACHINE – IS SKYNET CLOSER THAN EVER?  Where I explored the realities of AI and Robotics.  I talked about ‘state-of-the-art’ and then outlined how I’d tried (with some friends) to create our own little robot which could take verbal commands and deliver a drink to an individual.  The point being that AI is not magic but is still hard and more of an art than a science.    No slides yet as they have embedded video are are > 200MB. Do need to fix that.  Good response from the audience (“most interesting talk I’ve seen so far’)   and I had fun putting it together.

Reminder – GO TO DEVOXX US in 2018 – it will be AWSUM 


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Dev Nexus – Atlanta Feb 22nd

My first confession is that I had not heard of DevNexus before now.  the CFP came across my desk so to speak and I thought I’d submit a paper.

Arrgh – If only I’d know about this conf before.  It was fantastic.  2000+ attendees, good speakers, great atmosphere.  Great afterdark events. Reminded me in many ways of a mini JavaOne but with more technical talks.

I was there to speak about CyberCrime  since its a topic I take seriously and wish others would too.   Slides here

I attended a few other talks but I had great cold at the time so spent more in my room than I really wanted to.   Notably AI was a hot topic at DevNexus and its clear that’s similar to other conferences.

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