getting csv data from RTC using form based authentication

I’ve been playing with ways to get CSV data from an RTC server.  Here’s how to get the CSV file related to a query when the server uses forms based authentication.  The following code snippet shows how to get the CSV file associated with an RTC query.

Apart from knowing your userid and password you also need to know the query id.  That’s a lovely string that looks something like  _UkgjwLDcEeO2Eca4475iNQ and usually makes up a portion of the RTC query url.

Assuming you’ve got them then this sort of  code does the trick.

require 'mechanize'
require 'nokogiri'
require 'linkeddata'


page=mechanize.get(host+'/resource/itemOid/'+queryid+'?_mediaType=text/csv'),{ 'j_username' => userid , 'j_password' => password}).body

puts data

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