PaaS Meetup details Saturday 22nd November

The meetup is at the Shoreditch Village Hall  here 

Doors officially open at 9:30am and we have to vacate the premises no later than 5.00pm

Attendees are required to sign up to the BlueMix trial  (and it’s a bit silly to come to a PaaS hack and not do so)   Sign up is here   I strongly suggest signing up immediately just-in-case

BlueMix is based on Cloud Foundry. Uploading applications to the PaaS requires use of a command line tool (see here)   Again, its worth doing that as soon as possible

Tom Banks tells me that there is an Eclipse plugin alternative…

“They can be grabbed from the eclipse marketplace in Eclipse itself (search “bluemix”) or installed from here: – makes deploying and updating code from Eclipse trivial :-)”

Food and Drink is supplied as well as wifi.  All you need to bring is  laptop, power supply and grey cells.


About spoole167

I'm DevOps practitioner (whatever that means), a long time Java developer and Open Source advocate. I speak and present at conferences whenever I have something to say on technical and software engineering topics. I work for IBM but this blog is all my own work.
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