Devoxx UK

Had a great time at Devoxx UK (same as ever really 🙂 )  My talk was the last one in the main tent. Quickly followed by the wrap up event so no time for extra questions.   Slides will be on slideshare once I find them.  Replaced my mac between presenting and now and misplaced them.  Bound to be on time machine somewhere !

Devoxx is one of those ‘comfortable’ conferences.  I know a lot of people there and its great to catch up. Location is  easy to get to and it’s a great setting.

My talk was the first go at one I’d been thinking of for sometime –  that the new economics of the cloud is going to have a profound effect on the design of Java applications and the JVM.  By that I don’t mean micro-services etc.  In a nutshell, when metering is in play , behaviour changes to reduce cost and maximise value. Think of the difference in behaviour  that occurs between being billed year for all the water you want to use vs being billed monthly or what you actually use.  With the cloud, compute resources are being metered. That’s started to have an effect on application design and the pressure is increasing.

When you boss knows what $GB/hr means then suggesting you can fix problems with more memory becomes a more interesting conversation…


About spoole167

I'm DevOps practitioner (whatever that means), a long time Java developer and Open Source advocate. I speak and present at conferences whenever I have something to say on technical and software engineering topics. I work for IBM but this blog is all my own work.
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