Cybercrime @Devoxx UK

Spoke at Devoxx UK in June on Cybercrime   Amazing to think how I went from being blithely ignorant about most aspects of security  to now being in a position to share my worries, scary nightmares and general unease.

The talk is mostly not about how to make your application secure.  It’s mostly about how the developer community needs to wake up to the realities of crime and get a grip on the seriousness of the situation.  As a group we’re way too trusting.  My talk outlines the scary stuff  that the bad guys do, why and (to a little degree) how they do it and what behaviour changes we need to make to start to counter this situation.

The killer fact?   Cybercrime in 2016 is the most profitable criminal activity world-wide. Now even exceeding the drugs trade.  And it will get worse before it gets better.


About spoole167

I'm DevOps practitioner (whatever that means), a long time Java developer and Open Source advocate. I speak and present at conferences whenever I have something to say on technical and software engineering topics. I work for IBM but this blog is all my own work.
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