FOSDEM Feb 2017

I went to FOSDEM to talk to like minded Java people.  Always nice to see what’s happening across the open source Java community.

I spent most of my time in the Java Track   Focus on OpenJDK and Java 9 of course but some cool other activities happening.  IBM is open sourcing J9 (Which was announced at JavaOne 2016)   Charlie Gracie @crgracie  explained all the whys and wherefores.

On day two I went out looking at the other tracks around.  FOSDEM is always amazing for showcasing the passion and inventiveness of coders.  I did come across (in the Open Games room)  the amazing Living Orb   Give that a look!



About spoole167

I'm DevOps practitioner (whatever that means), a long time Java developer and Open Source advocate. I speak and present at conferences whenever I have something to say on technical and software engineering topics. I work for IBM but this blog is all my own work.
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