FOSDEM Feb 2017

I went to FOSDEM to talk to like minded Java people.  Always nice to see what’s happening across the open source Java community.

I spent most of my time in the Java Track   Focus on OpenJDK and Java 9 of course but some cool other activities happening.  IBM is open sourcing J9 (Which was announced at JavaOne 2016)   Charlie Gracie @crgracie  explained all the whys and wherefores.

On day two I went out looking at the other tracks around.  FOSDEM is always amazing for showcasing the passion and inventiveness of coders.  I did come across (in the Open Games room)  the amazing Living Orb   Give that a look!


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Mad Scientists discussion. 

On Thursday Luc Desrosiers and I spoke to a meeting of IBM analytics folk about Mad Scientist Meetups in general and the London Big Data Meetup specifically. The analytics team are a great supporter of this approach and we wanted to say thank you and “hey let’s do some more” so next year expect to see more opportunities to share stuff around the mad scientist theme. I also wanted to share some of the comments we got from the. LBDM session

This is Mad Scientist thing is a gem in this conference… it is about technology and passion and you guys are not trying to push anything on us.” – – BigDataLDN attendee.

“The Mad Scientist area is the best thing about this conference, all the demos are really cool” – BigDataLDN attendee

“Diverse range of companies wanting information about our product. We had customers ranging from using it for Veterinarian studies to using it for a dating website.” IBMer

“I found it really motivating and interesting to take a step outside of the office and talk to new people about the product I am working on, and get an understanding of how the customer sees our product from their perspective as apposed to a developer’s” – IBMer
I’ll leave you with what I think is the best quote:

“From a business perspective this is the best way to gain developer mind share. Innovation comes through imagination and this is what the Mad Scientist event does… it awakens the imagination and the passion.”

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Docker in 30 minutes

I got asked to talk about Docker at a Big Data Analytics meetup in London.  Sure I said. How long have I got?   30 minutes.  So the talk became “Docker – all you need to know in 30 minutes”    Probably not all you need to know about docker but it was certainly 30 minutes long :-).   Slides are here

The meetup took place at Skills Matter. Loved the event space.

The first two speakers where Nikolay Manchev and Margriet Groenendijk.  I took a couple of pics below.


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Java2Days conference

Spent a week in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Java2Days conference.  I presented two of my current set of talks.  Cybercrime and the Developer  and Cloud Economics for Java both on slideshare.

This was my first time at Java2Days.  A big thanks to the organisers for inviting me and being such great hosts. Event was well attended and the talks were nice and technical.

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More Mad Scientists

On 3rd & 4th November IBM hosted the second Mad Scientist event with the LJC.

Website is here   but may disappear eventually.

We had IBM, LJC Redhat, BlueBear, Oxford Brookes and others turn up and show off their mad scientist credentials.  Since our exhibition was shown inside the Big Data London exhibition and conference I claim a world first of hosting an exhibition inside another.  Russian Doll exhibitions have arrived 🙂

It was really great fun – totally exhausting two days but everyone – attendees and exhibitors thought it was great.  A welcome change to the more traditional booth-style interaction method.

I’m hoping we can keep the momentum going with this approach but it is challenging. The main thing being to convince the exhibitors that people would be interested in the stuff they’ve done.

I’ve uploaded by pics to flickr


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JavaOne 2016

As usual went to JavaOne.   Three talks,  three days on the IBM booth.  Feels like only three hours of sleep.

First talk was my talk on Cybercrime  (slides on slideshare)   Good audience and it appeared to go down well 🙂

Second talk was a fun talk about ways of interacting with computers sans keyboard and mouse.   Catcherly titled  “Mind Control to Major Tom:Is It Time to Put Your EEG Headset On?” this too went down well!   It was Luc’s (my co-presenter) first time at JavaOne.

Slides are also on Slideshare 

Last talk (phew) was immediately after the Mind Control one and in Parc 55 (as against Hilton) so a quick dash to meet up with Daniel Bryant by co-presenter for  “Java, the Cloud, Containers: Migrating Without the Tiers (or Tears)”      This talk is about what you have to do to move into the Cloud.  I covered the “why Cloud is different” aspect of the talk. Daniel covered a series of usecases from his personal experiences that showed how to make the move and avoid some of the pitfalls.   Slides are here

JavaOne 2016 has been the most busy conference I’ve been to for some time.  The IBM stand – where I brought the IBM Watson Furby – was always busy with people asking about Watson, Liberty, Game-on etc.






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Cybercrime @Devoxx UK

Spoke at Devoxx UK in June on Cybercrime   Amazing to think how I went from being blithely ignorant about most aspects of security  to now being in a position to share my worries, scary nightmares and general unease.

The talk is mostly not about how to make your application secure.  It’s mostly about how the developer community needs to wake up to the realities of crime and get a grip on the seriousness of the situation.  As a group we’re way too trusting.  My talk outlines the scary stuff  that the bad guys do, why and (to a little degree) how they do it and what behaviour changes we need to make to start to counter this situation.

The killer fact?   Cybercrime in 2016 is the most profitable criminal activity world-wide. Now even exceeding the drugs trade.  And it will get worse before it gets better.

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