Internet of Things North America

Spent an interesting couple of days at Internet of Things North America in Chicago.  I did a cut down version of the Skynet talk.  Slides are here   Made a few good contacts and learn a lot more about IoT from the inside.  Key topics across the conference were AI and  IoT security (not necessarily connected )



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Devoxx US March 2017

I can’t praise this conference enough for having one of the largest group of amazing speakers I’ve seen in a long, long time.  The technical content was high, the audience  not so much. Only 700 ish attendees.  That’s still pretty good for a first time conference but I was still surprised.  I was expecting more like 2000.  The net effect was that the ratio of speakers to attendees meant that most talks had small numbers of people listening.  It was more unusual than disruptive since the key element – the recording of the talks – is not affected by numbers 🙂

I did two talks .  One with Stuart Marks of Oracle called TEN SIMPLE RULES FOR WRITING GREAT TESTCASES  for which the slides are here   This talk was fun to present and fun to create. Probably had more fun talking to Stuart about the content to be honest.  We even talked about just recording our zoom sessions and playing them 🙂

Second talk was a BOF THE RISE OF THE MACHINE – IS SKYNET CLOSER THAN EVER?  Where I explored the realities of AI and Robotics.  I talked about ‘state-of-the-art’ and then outlined how I’d tried (with some friends) to create our own little robot which could take verbal commands and deliver a drink to an individual.  The point being that AI is not magic but is still hard and more of an art than a science.    No slides yet as they have embedded video are are > 200MB. Do need to fix that.  Good response from the audience (“most interesting talk I’ve seen so far’)   and I had fun putting it together.

Reminder – GO TO DEVOXX US in 2018 – it will be AWSUM 


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Dev Nexus – Atlanta Feb 22nd

My first confession is that I had not heard of DevNexus before now.  the CFP came across my desk so to speak and I thought I’d submit a paper.

Arrgh – If only I’d know about this conf before.  It was fantastic.  2000+ attendees, good speakers, great atmosphere.  Great afterdark events. Reminded me in many ways of a mini JavaOne but with more technical talks.

I was there to speak about CyberCrime  since its a topic I take seriously and wish others would too.   Slides here

I attended a few other talks but I had great cold at the time so spent more in my room than I really wanted to.   Notably AI was a hot topic at DevNexus and its clear that’s similar to other conferences.

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FOSDEM Feb 2017

I went to FOSDEM to talk to like minded Java people.  Always nice to see what’s happening across the open source Java community.

I spent most of my time in the Java Track   Focus on OpenJDK and Java 9 of course but some cool other activities happening.  IBM is open sourcing J9 (Which was announced at JavaOne 2016)   Charlie Gracie @crgracie  explained all the whys and wherefores.

On day two I went out looking at the other tracks around.  FOSDEM is always amazing for showcasing the passion and inventiveness of coders.  I did come across (in the Open Games room)  the amazing Living Orb   Give that a look!


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Mad Scientists discussion. 

On Thursday Luc Desrosiers and I spoke to a meeting of IBM analytics folk about Mad Scientist Meetups in general and the London Big Data Meetup specifically. The analytics team are a great supporter of this approach and we wanted to say thank you and “hey let’s do some more” so next year expect to see more opportunities to share stuff around the mad scientist theme. I also wanted to share some of the comments we got from the. LBDM session

This is Mad Scientist thing is a gem in this conference… it is about technology and passion and you guys are not trying to push anything on us.” – – BigDataLDN attendee.

“The Mad Scientist area is the best thing about this conference, all the demos are really cool” – BigDataLDN attendee

“Diverse range of companies wanting information about our product. We had customers ranging from using it for Veterinarian studies to using it for a dating website.” IBMer

“I found it really motivating and interesting to take a step outside of the office and talk to new people about the product I am working on, and get an understanding of how the customer sees our product from their perspective as apposed to a developer’s” – IBMer
I’ll leave you with what I think is the best quote:

“From a business perspective this is the best way to gain developer mind share. Innovation comes through imagination and this is what the Mad Scientist event does… it awakens the imagination and the passion.”

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Docker in 30 minutes

I got asked to talk about Docker at a Big Data Analytics meetup in London.  Sure I said. How long have I got?   30 minutes.  So the talk became “Docker – all you need to know in 30 minutes”    Probably not all you need to know about docker but it was certainly 30 minutes long :-).   Slides are here

The meetup took place at Skills Matter. Loved the event space.

The first two speakers where Nikolay Manchev and Margriet Groenendijk.  I took a couple of pics below.


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Java2Days conference

Spent a week in Sofia, Bulgaria at the Java2Days conference.  I presented two of my current set of talks.  Cybercrime and the Developer  and Cloud Economics for Java both on slideshare.

This was my first time at Java2Days.  A big thanks to the organisers for inviting me and being such great hosts. Event was well attended and the talks were nice and technical.

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